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Our three unique formulas

K pour Karité's hair colours are the results of 5 years of research in our laboratory. Research started when we established our partnership with Burkina Faso where we discovered all tinctorial plants had to offer.


Today, K pour Karité offers you a range of three hair colours :
-   100% natural CREAM hair colour, Certified Organic
-   100% natural POWDER hair colour, Certified Organic
-   Natural « Plants & Shea Butter » hair colour

8 SHADES : Light blond / Medium blond / Dark blond / Light brown / Medium brown / Dark brown / Black-brown / Red, to apply on non-chemically treated hair.



What are the advantages ?

-    Natural formulas, perfectly in line with the current « nude » trend.
-    No harsh transformation (the colour matches your natural basis) and there is no « root ». The colour fades with shampoo and leaves the hair fiber intact for a very natural and subtle result.
-    A natural hair colour, intense and radiant, that matches your natural hair.
-    Possibility to go 2 to 4 shades darker for gorgeous highlights.
-    Grey hair is covered and blends in.
-    Hair colour and haircare : the pigments used in our hair colour do not alter the hair fibre they coat the hair to colour it : hair becomes thicker and stays healthy ! It stays strong and shiny. To sum it up, our 100% natural hair colour is to hair what varnish is to wood : it provides a subtle colouring while respecting the hair's natural shades. Chemical-based hair colours could be compared to wood paint, covering the hair entirely and giving it a uniform and bland colour.


In 2011, K pour Karité launched the first ever ECOCERT-certified hair colour, 100% natural and henna-free. Our patented formula has a clay cream base. It was mainly designed for women who want to dye their hair but care about their health (pregnant or breastfeeding women, women with allergies or undergoing chemotherapy or young women who haven't dyed their hair yet) and who have very few grey hair to cover (up to 10%).

In 2012, K pour Karité went even further to elaborate a « powder » version of our ECOCERT-certified hair colour, 100% natural and henna-free. The addition of alum powder makes it suitable for the same women as the « cream » version but also offers better grey hair coverage (up to 50%).
This is a true world first ! Until now, there was no hair colour formulated exclusively with tinctorial plants, without henna and completely chemical-free.


At the end of 2012, K pour Karités innovates once more with our brand new « PLANTES & SHEA BUTTER » natural hair colour. Formulated with colouring agents and plants, there is no « root » effect and offers very good grey hair coverage. Very easy to use, it offers a short leave-on time (30min) and lasts longer (10 to 15 shampoos).

Guaranteed ammonia-free, resorcinol-free and peroxide-free, these ingredients are not replaced by others that would not smell but would be just as chemically aggressive. With a base of shea butter and carefully-selected plants (aloe vera, sage,...), this hair colour doesn't have the drawbacks of a 100% vegetal hair colour (longer leave-on time, lasts less) while still preserving your hair.


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