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Hair loss


Your hair is always changing: hair has a life cycle of between 2 and 7 years on average. After that, it stops growing and falls out once the new hair is strong enough to take over. Hair loss is part of the normal life cycle of your hair, which is why it is perfectly normal to lose between 30 and 50 hairs per day - considering we have more than 100 000 on our head.

However, at some points in your life (post traumatic stress, exhaustion, sickness, etc.) or because of a genetic predisposition for alopecia (5-alpha reductase disorder), hair loss can be greater: the hair bulbs are tired and asphyxiated, they can’t sustain growing hair anymore. This is how baldness starts. This affects a lot of men (more than 50% of men over 50), but can also affect women.

The first signs can appear as early as around 18 or 20 years old. There are usually two phases: first the hair gets greasier, then it gets thinner and starts falling out. 38% of men become more or less bald. In women, baldness is usually caused by stress and vitamin and/or sodium deficiency.

Before considering hair transplant or hair prosthesis, you should try to slow the process down as soon as you spot the first signs. First, by focusing on nutrition (food rich in vitamin B, zinc and amino acids), and by using appropriate hair treatments. Mostly you should try to keep your hair as natural as possible (be careful with streaks, hair dyes, straightening, etc.) and use appropriate hair care products.

Our advice :  our Hair Loss Lotion contains exclusive active ingredients, including wine lees (patented ingredient), that will slow down - or stop - hair loss by strengthening and oxygenating your scalp.

Wine lees is an essential component of this lotion. Often neglected because it is not considered “glamorous” enough, it has great properties, like being a vasoconstrictor. It stimulates your hair bulbs, regenerates and strengthens them so that they will hold the hair longer. Our lotion combines wine lees with three essential oils: wild mint, Atlas cedar and rosemary.

Wild mint acts in conjunction with wine lees to bring its active ingredients straight to the bulb cells..

Atlas cedar  has been known for thousands of years for its stimulating and refreshing properties for your scalp.

And finally, rosemary, thanks to its energizing properties, enhances the action of the Atlas cedar oil.

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