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Shea Butter

Shea butter comes from the almonds which are inside the fruit of the Shea Tree, also know as the Shea Butter Tree. Rich in restructuring active ingredients, it is used in products for dry hair for its softening, nourishing and smoothing properties. It supplies essential nutritional components to nourish and moisturise the hair fibre and it helps to boost the hair’s life cycle. Oil-enriching it strengthens the structure of the hair which becomes moisturised and nourished in-depth. Thus restructured hair is shiny and easy to style.
Rich in unsaponifiable elements and vitamins A, E and F, shea butter has always been used for hair and skin care. Hence very dry, hard to manage and unruly hair gains incomparable softness and smoothness.
With repeated use hair becomes visibly transformed, well-balanced and silky-looking with exceptional shine.
*Present in all K pour Karité products



Endowed with stimulating properties ginger contributes to revitalising the scalp. It’s an active ingredient which works very well with shea butter which it balances.
*Present in all the products for Women



Particularly appreciated for its purifying and regulating properties for damaged skin. Oily shiny skin is left feeling clean and fresh. It is the ideal hair lotion for purifying a slightly oily scalp.
*Present in the revitalising lotion for Men


White Nettle

Effective in treating eczema it helps to prevent hair loss and rids the scalp of dandruff while revitalising it.
*Present in the revitalising lotion for Men


Cider Vinegar

It is very rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids and trace-elements. It helps to keep skin soft and is excellent for oily and problem skin. It prevents the appearance of blackheads. In addition, in tightening the pores it contributes in a durable way to purifying scalps prone to oiliness. It is very effective in removing every trace of soap and cancelling any calcareous and chlorine residue contained in the water. It thus helps to strengthen the shine and brilliance of the hair, ridding it of dandruff and making it soft and silky.
*Present in the revitalising lotion for Men





A powerful, woody, mentholated essence with a colour ranging from transparent to very pale, rosemary essential oil is distilled from leaves and flowers. It goes together perfectly with citrus and resinous essences. It is a powerful stimulant and analgesic and it revitalises the circulation.
*Present in the 4 products for Women



A warm woody essence whose colour varies from pale yellow to dark brown, it is extracted from the wood of the roots. It marries well with citrus and floral essences. It has emollient properties and powerful antiseptic virtues.
Renowned for soothing inflamed skin, sandalwood increases the hydration capacity of mature, dry, irritated, cracked and dehydrated skin. Sandalwood essential oil helps to improve the natural hydration of dry and damaged hair while bringing comfort and relief to irritated scalps.
*Present in the 4 products for Women



This is the strongest essence that one can extract from a vegetal source. With its antiseptic & invigorating properties Patchouli essential oil is indicated for fighting against cutaneous and circulatory diseases. It is renowned and appreciated for its stimulating and revitalising virtues for the scalp.
*Present in the 4 products for Women


Citrus Fruits

Lemon: an essential oil with astringent, antiseptic and energising virtues. Revitalising, refreshing and purifying, it stimulates the scalp while vivifying it.
Orange: orange essential oil is purifying and stimulating. Antiseptic and draining, it is also appreciated as a skin pick-me-up.
*Present in the 4 products for Women



It has invigorating and stimulating properties and antiseptic, cleansing virtues. It is effective in treating acne, contact dermatitis and other forms of dermatitis.
Its fresh, herbaceous, mentholated smell with a slightly dry lavender-type note as well as its sweet, slightly sharp and bitter savour makes it interesting to use in cosmetics.
*Present in the 4 products for Men


Petit Grain

An excellent relaxant, petit grain essential oil also has antibacterial virtues. A vivifying, floral and subtle fragrance.
*Present in the 4 products for Men


Italian Lemon

Refreshing and purifying the lemon stimulates and vivifies.
 *Present in the hair gel and the detangling conditioner for children




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