Professional Natural hair products

100% French manufacturing

Professional Natural hair products

100% French manufacturing


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A range of professional, natural haircare products: a makeover to celebrate our 8th birthday!

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The K pour Karité range was born in 2007 out of our desire to combine our extensive experience in professional haircare to our will to provide natural, environmentally conscious products. Everything started in Burkina Faso, where we found our inspiration. Burkina Faso is one of the world’s biggest producer of shea butter. Part of our team went there to set up partnerships around shea production - at first - and then tinctorial plants as well. 

Our first priority was to rid our products of as many chemical ingredients as possible.
After that, we wanted to get as many ECOCERT and ORGANIC COSMETICS certifications as possible.
This is why we worked with a biologist in order to benefit from their expertise in the development of organic formulas.

Later, we got in touch with Valérie LEMAIRE of ECOCERT so that we could kickstart the industrial and organizational process to get the certification.

While this is a natural evolution for our company, it did require all of our energy to transform our industrial process and change our work habits. Getting and keeping a certification and a label is very demanding in terms of production organization, storage, and traceability of each product.

And after two years of hard work, we were finally able to introduce one of the first range of natural haircare products.
In 2007, K pour Karité was one of the very first haircare brands to offer natural and organic professionals products.

We have been several times to Burkina Faso to consolidate a partnership initiated thanks to the association EPHYLA CONCEPT with cooperatives of women who produce shea butter… To find out more about this, read the full story our blog:

Today, 8 years after the launch of our brand, our goal is still - and more than ever - to offer quality professional products that are as natural as possible. Our collaboration with Ecocert is ongoing in order to get as many products as possible certified.

Now, we want to boost K pour Karité by focusing on the core of the brand: shea and Africa.
•    New, high-quality, enriched formulas
•    Fragrances and texture that are even more lovely and creamy
•    New packaging for better ergonomy
•    New design, neat and full of energy

We have three main focus areas:
•    Care & Hygiene: shampoos, masks and oils with even more active ingredients to guarantee their efficiency.
•    Hairstyling products: the result of our 25-year expertise in the field of professional hairstyling products.
•    Hair dyes: whether they are temporary or semi-permanent, there’s one for everyone.

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