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 Laboratoire Ariland:

15 people reunited around the same objective: interpret consumer habits so as to be able to offer suitable ranges of hair care products.

We put all of our energy into offering effective and innovative products of impeccable quality.

We develop, manufacture, pack and commercialise our hair care products ourselves.


Our observations:

- The main concern of women seeking a hair care product: dry, damaged hair (due to pollution or repeated colorations) and a lack of bounce.

- Most of the time men are more prone to have scalp irritation problems due to the excessive use of styling products: the scalp needs to get rid of impurities and get oxygenated.

- For children we have simply formulated products suited to their particular needs.

Generally consumers display:

- An increasingly frequent desire to use natural products

- Increasing wariness in the face of an excessive offer of cosmetic products, whether conventional or supposedly natural.


The spirit of the range:

Our first requirement: eliminate chemical ingredients from our formulae as much as possible.

All of our products are thus guaranteed to contain no paraben or PEG, no silicone or artificial colorants. They are not tested on animals and the fragrance used is 100% natural.

Our desire: to offer products whose formulae are developed on the basis of concentrations containing a maximum number of active ingredients derived from organic farming in order to obtain the COSMEBIO label and ECOCERT certification, a safety guarantee for the consumer.


Our organic range concept:

A mix of tradition and innovation.

Pleasant textures and delicious fragrances, so that organic rhymes with captivating and refinement.

Limited ranges (maximum of 4 products) which reply to a wide range of problems thanks to formulae that are miscible with one another.


K pour Karité now brings you:

For Men: 3 hair care products and one styling product for clogged-up and irritated scalps.

For Women: 3 hair care products and one styling product for normal to very dry hair.

For Children: 3 products suited to their particular needs.


And soon to come:

The creation and financing of a cooperative in Burkina Faso so we can ensure our own supplies of organic Shea Butter and be certain of the work conditions and standard of pay of our suppliers.




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