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Targeted formulae:

We have selected active ingredients based on their respective virtues: moisturising and healing with Shea Butter, invigorating and revitalising with Ginger or with rosemary, white nettle and citrus fruits; purifying & shine with mint, cider vinegar and sage.


A deliberately limited range


1- Adaptable hair care for men & women, specific hair care for children:

For women: 3 products only for an offer covering normal to very dry hair thanks to the nectar which makes it possible to enrich the shampoo and mask according to how dehydrated the hair is: the more dehydrated the hair is the more the products need to be enriched in shea butter.
For men: 3 products as well that can be adapted according to needs. The more the scalp is clogged-up, the more irritated it will be and the duller hair will be. Thanks to the scrub (used alone or added to the shampoo) the scalp can be purified in the first instance and then the lotion will help to maintain a healthy scalp and shiny hair.
For children: 2 products designed to reply to the needs of young children and their parents: a mild shampoo that does not sting the eyes and a spray-on detangling conditioner that does not require rinsing.


2- Organic hair styling products:

Our objective: offer up-to-the-minute hair styling products that respect both health and the environment. You can be organic as well as trendy.
As a result of our expertise of hair styling products the styling cream has been specially designed to reply to consumers’ expectations. It is quick and easy to use and does not leave a greasy feel. It provides hold and texture to hair while leaving it soft.
With regard to hair gels: they give hold to the hair without harshness or damage to the hair fibre.


3- A complete installation pack:

A product assortment. Samples, a counter display unit, product description leaflets as well as a display stand for the leaflets. And last but not least, a discovery kit containing a shampoo & mask for women.


4- Delicious and creamy textures and scents:

To have the best chance of establishing itself a product must first of all have an attractive smell. Its texture must not be destabilising. This is why we have paid particular attention to our selection of essential oils and to the quality of our textures. An organic product must not be the antithesis of a conventional product. Consumers are used to certain textures and their noses to certain types of smell. While being different our products owed it to themselves not to disappoint.


5- Seeking simplicity and authenticity:

The choice of sober artwork and balanced colour scheme: with only 3 colours on the refined packaging we offer a range that is both organic and elegant.




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